Features of WhatsApp Business not to be missed

Features of WhatsApp Business not to be missed

Features of WhatsApp Business not to be missed – Although both are chat apps, WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger are not the same. There are a number of WhatsApp Business features that you won’t find in WhatsApp Messenger.

The features in Whatsapp Business are specifically designed to facilitate interaction with a large number of customers.

Features of WhatsApp Business not to be missed

What are the special features? Check out the discussion below!

1. User account name

The technical thing that differentiates WhatsApp Business from WhatsApp Messenger is the account rename settings.

On WhatsApp Messenger, you can change the account name at any time. You can also enter any emoji or character in your WhatsApp messenger account name.

However, WhatsApp for Business has several conditions for creating an official business account name that must be adhered to. These provisions include the following.

  • You should not write the name of an official business account in all capital letters. Except for abbreviations, only the first letter of the word can be capitalized.

Here are examples of correct and incorrect business account names in WA:

True: Muslim clothing for men and women ome kalsum

False: Muslim clothing for men and women UMI KULSUM

  • There are no extra spaces between words. If your business name consists of two words, the word separator is just a space.
  • Do not add punctuation.
  • Do not use any emoji, emoticons, and special characters (~!@# $% ^^ & *()_ +:;{}[]/?'”,.<>)
  • Do not add non-alphanumeric characters (characters that are not numbers or letters).
  • Type your WhatsApp brand correctly. Not whatsApp or whats app or WhatsApp or anything like that.

In addition, your business name must not consist of:

  • The person’s full name
  • General terms (example: clothing)
  • General geographical location (example: Jakarta)
  • Less than three characters

These Terms must be followed in order for your trading account to be registered as an “Official Trading Account”. If you change your business name, you will likely lose your Official Company Account status.

So make sure in advance of the name of the business account you are going to create, yes!

2. Profile

A profile on WhatsApp Business contains your business information. Starting with name, address, business category, description, email and website. The list of information is not present in the WhatsApp Messenger profile.

Customers can easily see this information when they visit your business profile.

The procedure of modifying your business profile is also very easy. Here’s how to edit your business profile.

  1. Open WhatsApp Business > Click More Options or > Settings > Your Business Name
  2. Click Edit
  3. Click on any field to refresh > Save.

In your WA business account profile, you can also add Facebook and Instagram pages. The trick is to include the URL in one of the forms or columns of the website.

3. Automatic message

WhatsApp Business offers three auto reply features that are not found in WhatsApp Messenger. The three features are as follows.

Away Message is an automatic reply feature to messages when there is an incoming message from a customer out of business hours or when the business is not operating. You can create the text of automatic replies to messages according to your preference.

A welcome message is an automatic message-response feature that you can send when a customer first contacts you.

Quick responses. You can use this feature to create response scripts for frequently asked questions from customers. It’s easy to create some response letters that customers are likely to ask about your business.

When a message arrives, just type the “/” symbol, and a preset quick reply will appear. How, very time saving, right?

4. Catalog

WhatsApp Business brings catalog feature to display products in your WhatsApp Business profile. This feature acts as a product view that consumers can see when viewing your profile.

In the catalog, consumers see not only photos of products, but also detailed descriptions of the product and its prices.

How to use the WhatsApp Business Catalog feature is to open Settings Menu > Business Settings > Catalog.

Then you just need to add a photo, description, description and price of the product. You can also add a link related to the product. For example, you can provide a link to your online store. This catalog feature can display up to 500 product images.

5. Message stats

In WhatsApp Business, you can review the statistics for messages sent, received and read. This feature helps you review effective messages.

To check your stats, open WhatsApp Business > Click on the Menu button > After > Business Settings > Statistics

6. Business category

In the WhatsApp Business profile column, there is a list of the business category. You can choose the appropriate job category through the registered drop-down list. However, if your business category is not in the list of business categories, you can have an “other” list.

Having this business category can make it easier for customers to know the business you’re running. Of course, you will not find this feature on WhatsApp Messenger.

7. Labels

The naming feature is a chat grouping feature based on certain criteria. Collect incoming messages in WhatsApp Business, among others, leads, new messages, pending payment, and completed messages. You can remove or add the sticker as you wish.

With this feature, you can distinguish between chats that have not or have not made a payment. You can also follow customers who have not made payments.

The following is the procedure for turning on the Label feature.

  • Apply stickers
    Tap and hold a chat > ​​select categories > you can apply an existing label or add a new label to the chat.
  • Search for content named
    To find the labeled content, open the chat screen > tap the menu button > Labels > tap one of the labels you want to view
  • Manage Categories
    To manage labels, go to the chat screen > tap the menu button > Labels. In this menu, you can do some settings like,
  1. Edit or delete labels
  2. Add color to stickers to make it easier to distinguish
  3. Create a radio message that can be sent to multiple subscribers with a given name.

8. Check the Business Account

WhatsApp Business will verify business accounts through the registered phone number. WhatsApp Business will give a green check for verified accounts.

If your account is verified as an official business account, your customers will see a green check mark on their profile or next to the chat address. In addition, your business name will be visible even if the client has not saved your contacts.

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