Learn about Harley Davidson motorcycles

Learn about Harley Davidson motorcycles

Learn about Harley Davidson motorcycles – Also known as the MOGE, the Harley-Davidson is a big motorcycle that’s dense and has a macho, agile and cool style. But do your motoring friends know about Harley-Davidson motorcycles?

What comes to your mind when you see or hear the Harley-Davidson motorcycle brand? Of course, what immediately comes to mind is a macho, impulsive and gorgeous guy. The Harley-Davidson motorcycle itself is indeed one of those motorcycle products that can be said to be very special.

Why is it special, because it starts from the sky-high price to how it is used, which is very different from other motorcycles in general. The designs of the models shown also always feature the same Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Before Kawan Autos decides to bring in a Harley-Davidson product, it would be nice to know the brands and types of Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Learn about Harley Davidson motorcycles


These types of Harley-Davidson motorcycles are often referred to as “Baggers”. This type of Harley-Davidson is built and designed for long rides. When choosing a bike for touring, the weight of the payload is something to consider. However, with this Harley Touring model, it will still provide a comfortable driving feel even if you’ve been driving for hours. The total weight of this motorcycle is about 400 kg if all equipment is installed.


The Harley Cruiser type is at first glance similar to the Touring model, but the Cruiser model can still be assembled in the HD Softail type. Harley Fat Boy, Heritage Included Harley Davidson Cruiser. Although the Cruiser type is lighter than the Touring type, riders who want to ride this type should still be careful.


This type of Harley-Davidson has a unique look, particularly in its toughest frame like a mountain bike. The Harley Softail has a concealed shock mount on the back to provide a comfortable feel to the rider.


Also known as the “rubber mount”, because the Dyna has two bumper guards on the rear. What makes it different from other Harley-Davidson variants is that the Dyna has rubber on the engine that reduces vibrations in the engine.


Harley-Davidson is also developing a sports motorcycle of the type known as the Sportster or XL. This motorcycle features the thinnest and lightest body of all Harley-Davidson. There are two different types of engines offered by this type, the 883 and the 1200.


The V-Rod is the latest model of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. This variant of the V-Rod is a completely different model, combining a design concept that carries the power and style of motorsport. In the engine, a water-cooled Harley-Davidson pair.


This type of Buell is very different from the other Harley-Davidson. Because the Buell type is intentionally assembled like a motorsport. This bike is very stubborn and suitable for everyday driving.

These are the types of Harley-Davidson motorcycles that are offered and ready to take home. But before that, prepare the money first… hahahaha!

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