Take a Peek At The Advantages Of Xiaomi Redmi 4X Prime

Take a Peek At The Advantages Of Xiaomi Redmi 4X Prime

Take a Peek At The Advantages Of Xiaomi Redmi 4X Prime – Xiaomi does not want to lose in the competition for Android smartphones. This seller who comes from the country of bamboo blinds is increasingly showing his name to be one of the smartphone brands being considered. With its flagship Redmi series, Xiaomi is confident of competing in the middle class in the Indonesian market. There are many smartphone vendors from China, but Xiaomi has its own product advantages and is consistent in innovation to bring the latest technology to each of its products.

Take a Peek At The Advantages Of Xiaomi Redmi 4X Prime

Take a Peek At The Advantages Of Xiaomi Redmi 4X Prime, After launching the Redmi 4X, Xiaomi has now released its next generation, Xiaomi Redmi 4X Prime. Redmi 4X Prime comes with a larger memory capacity so that it can cover all your big files and data. Not only superior in the storage space sector, Redmi 4X Prime also has other advantages that you might consider for choosing this smartphone as an option. What are the advantages? Check out the following reviews.

A mid-range smartphone with an excellent design

Xiaomi is already focusing on its products for the middle class. No wonder the Redmi 4X Prime targets this category as well. However, Xiaomi does not carelessly package its products. The body of the Redmi 4X Prime itself is made of all-metal materials that are commonly used for premium smartphones. No wonder if you look at the looks, this smartphone looks luxurious and elegant. Not even inferior to the appearance of the iPhone or other high-end smartphones. But nonetheless, at a mid-range price.

Qualified runway

No need to hesitate about the kitchen runway problem. Xiaomi itself has been known for the excellent smartphone performance quality. Redmi 4X Prime also has the same quality. Equipped with Snapdragon 435 chipset, 1.4GHz Ocat-core processor along with Adreno 505 GPU, this smartphone is sure to spoil you with its fast performance. Not only that, if the middle-class smartphones are usually given a standard RAM capacity of only 1-2 GB, then it is different from the Redmi 4X Prime which already has 4 GB of RAM. Of course, it will be much smoother when you use it for multitasking and gaming.

More storage capacity

As mentioned earlier, the Redmi 4X Prime is the successor to the Redmi 4X with a larger storage capacity. The internal memory itself is provided by Xiaomi with a capacity of 64 GB which is actually quite large to cover all the files. But if it still does not exist, then the Redmi 4X also has an external memory slot. You can also add an external memory of up to 256 GB.

visual comfort

For visual matters, the Redmi 4X Prime comes with a 5-inch screen with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and a density of 294 pixels per inch which will deliver real and clear images. Like other advanced Xiaomi smartphones, Redmi 4X Prime also used 2.5D curved screen technology with Gorilla Glass screen protector.

Large capacity battery

Not only is the storage capacity large, but the battery capacity is also large. The Redmi 4X Prime comes with a 4100mAh non-removable battery that will definitely make the battery life longer than other smartphones. Suitable for those of you who are often outside and actively use smartphones because you don’t have to bother looking for a charging station because the battery often runs out.

These are some of the advantages of Xiaomi Redmi 4X Prime. How are you interested in getting it?

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